Helston Farmers' Market Cornwall

August 02, 2015


Helston Farmers Market

We are normally at Helston Farmers' Market, which is held on the first Saturday of each month (except January) from 9.30am to 1.00pm at the Old Cattle Market, next to Lidl’s and the Boating Lake in Helston. 

Everything that you can possibly want from a Farmers' Market can be found here.

I know that I can't list it all but to give you an idea, chicken from Cornish Chicken, pork from Primrose Herd, lamb from Ewephoric Lamb, spices from Fresshh, best hot sauce ever (can't get enough of the Blaze one that he does - also fab company name) from Kernow Inferno, Bread from Chris (usually Sourdough) and from Hope (Rye & Caraway seed is our favourite - perfect with Alastair's Helston Blue cheese from Treveador Farm), curry sauces from Ruby's Kitchen for when feeling lazy but want something tasty. Last but not least, breakfast whilst setting up for trading is usually Sushi ( Sushi Ichiban ). 

Plus the most wonderful fresh vegetables from Lawrence of Fox Farm. (His Wilja potatoes make the most unbelievable mash!)

One of the best  BBQ Sundays this year, sat in the garden looking at great pots of herbs* picked up from Vicki, The Garden Lady at Helston, basting drumsticks from Chicken Lou, with Roger's honey (yes, from Helston) then piled on plates with Blaze on the side, all mopped up with Hope's Bread. 

One or two gin and tonics were also enjoyed. Yes, Helston provided the gin also. Rock Samphire Gin from Curio Spirits. * Lime Mint worked really well in the G&T btw.



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