Are you a dunker?

09 April, 2017 2 min read

To showcase your talent link us in or #tugboatdunk

National Tea Day ( yes, it's a real thing ! ) 2017 takes place across Britain on April 21st and in honour of that we thought we should talk about dunking...only because Brits seem to like dunking. Expert dunkers in fact. But are you? have you ever considered what and how you dunk? Are you a double dunker. Or even the best tea to dunk into??

Biscuit Dunking

We pondered the merits of various teas, discussed long into the night, and eventually decided that Assam tea is our choice of a winning combination of biscuit and tea dunking.

You know where you are with Assam, a solid classic that will work with any biscuit. So the tea bit sorted we moved on to biscuits. Mike is shortbread all the way ( with longer dunking time ) and seems to seriously disapprove of my fondness for plain chocolate digestive habit which involves a quick dunk, a lick of chocolate and a nibble of digestive and repeat.

Having never considered that my dunking habits might irritate Mike so much but this being my blog I thought I'd ignore that and just list my own dunking rules.

# 1 The Tea

Should be a good tea tasting tea, a breakfast tea or my favouite, an Assam. Served with milk.

# 2 The Vessel

A mug or a cup but keep in mind the size of biscuit. Nothing worse than going to dunk and realizing that your biscuit is to big.  If in doubt do a dry practice run.

# 3 The Biscuit

Choose your biscuit with care. An inexperienced dunker will probably find a digestive or a hobnob a good starting point. Once that is mastered then perhaps move on to a gingernut. Jaffa cakes should be left to the experts :)

 My Dunking Tea

This is my dunking experience but is it yours??? I know it's a personal thing but we would love to see your dunking habits!
Via Instagram, twitter and Facebook we would like you to send us photos, videos or a short paragraph of your dunking skills!

To showcase your talent link us in or #tugboatdunk  

National Tea Day 2017 takes place across Britain on April 21st and if you are near Kensington Roof Gardens there is a great event going on - NTD On The Roof! - where you can take part in tea tasting, chat tea and join baking masterclasses. Doors open at 10:30am and closing at 4pm. Tickets are only £5 with 100% of the proceeds going to charity.

National Tea Day


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