12 December, 2016 1 min read

Homemade chai brings a kind of comfort that shop bought versions can't match.Give it a go making it yourself at home and honestly you won't go back.

There is something a little magical about making spiced chai. It should be a wonderfully rich, complex and aromatic brew, most importantly, with layers of flavours.

Simple Chai

I like to make a masala chai on the hob, usually just with milk ( coconut or almond milk can add an extra layer of taste ).

Use a teaspoon of masala chai, a big mug of milk, add some sugar and simmer, perhaps for about ten minutes then strain into a mug. Tasting as it simmers, maybe a bit more chai, a bit sweeter? Add some more sugar to taste. It's your mug of chai after all :) Simple and delicious.

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