Golden Monkey Tea

Subtle hints of peach and honey


    This hand processed tea is produced at the start of the season, when the first leaves and buds are picked, these are characterized by the pale gold threading. Considered by many to be one of the finest loose leaf black teas available, certainly it is quite beautiful to look at and has a lovely, full-bodied flavour with subtle hints of peach and honey. 


    Brewing the best cup. One teaspoon per cup. Freshly boiling water, brew your tea for 4 minutes, a good rule of thumb is 3-5 minutes for most black teas (depending on your preference for strength) and enjoy with or without milk


    Reasons to drink black leaf tea

  • Whether the appearance of the leaves actually look like Monkeys claws is subjective, and I can't say that I have studied monkeys but, even so, I don't really see it. Regardless, this is a wonderfully complex tea which is a real treat for black tea lovers.

  • China Black Tea

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Beautiful Tea

Have loved this tea for years now, gorgeous taste, good colour, glad I found it at your website.

The husbands Favourite

The husband has now spent more money on this tea then he has on me!
Its pride of place in our tea cupboard.
Its strong and slightly sweet without taking away the delicious tea taste.

Golden monkey tea

A lovely tea that fits the description on the website very well. I was lucky enough to purchase some before it was out of stock. Buy it as soon as you see it, you will not be disappointed.

King of teas

I've been buying other teas from the shop for a while. If yr thinking about trying one of the lesser known ranges then my advice is don't hesitate since all the teas I've tried have been uniformly excellent.
This was my first purchase of Golden Monkey and I'm a convert. This is a superb tea and,yes,all the things written about it are true (which in itself is a bonus...)
The only drawback seems to be limited availability but hey nothing is perfect not even this very fine tea it would seem.
If yr on the site and its available then basically just buy it........

Disaster strikes in West Penwith

As a result of the current shortage of Golden Monkey Tea I regret to inform you that West Penwith is now in process of slowly sinking into the sea. Great Western will have to establish a new terminus at Hayle, and thousands of tourists will be deprived of the right to hear their car alarms sounding off in St Just in the middle of the afternoon - or in fact at any time of day. This clearly is phase two of the disappearance of Lyonesse. Just shows how dependent we have become on the Chinese - they're now responsible for tectonic shifts on the other side of the world. The British embassy in Shanghai will now be obliged to cease advertising Penzance as a place where you can breathe genuinely fresh air (thanks to the good offices of Cathay Pacific airlines). All because of this. The matter is to be raised in the UN Security Council, though a meeting of Cobra, the UK disaster preparation committee, has unfortunately decided that the matter lies outside its brief since the disaster in question is occurring out in the colonies, so it's important only in July and August which, at this point in time, is but a theoretical concept of marginal interest to Her Majesty's Government in Westminster. Since the newly privatised HM Coastguard now has only two helicopters, we are sad to announce that the only solution to this disaster is an immediate refill of Golden Monkey tea, judiciously applied to the innards of my teapot (with due attention paid to the molecular structure of boiling water). Here we shall allow the matter to rest. No sugar, thanks.