English Breakfast

Wonderful way to kick start your day


    Traditional brilliance. Regardless of whether you start the day with a simple slice of toast or more inclined to a full fry up, you need a tea that’s full-bodied, robust, rich and blended to go well with milk and sugar. This is the loose leaf tea for you and a simply wonderful way to kick start the day.


    Brewing the best cup. One teaspoon per cup. Freshly boiling water, brew your tea for 4 minutes, a good rule of thumb is 3-5 minutes for most black teas (depending on your preference for strength) and enjoy with or without milk


    Benefits of drinking loose leaf black leaf tea

  • We've taken a malty, Indian Assam and a crisp Ceylon to create this traditional classic which is smooth, strong and deliciously moreish. This and our Tinner's tea are both really fantastic, properly "tea tasting" teas.

  • India & Ceylon Black Tea

Customer Reviews

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A perfect morning cuppa.

My companion is the tea drinker in the house. The Tugboat English Breakfast has become her favourite morning and general purpose tea. Though it is not full leaf, the tea is not a powdery grind as so many basic teas tend to be. The flavour is, I am told, solid, not bitter, and very refreshing. Her other love from Tugboat is the Ceylon Orange Pekoe, which she describes as a perfect afternoon tea - lots of flavour. Both teas she drinks with a little milk.

Smashing Brew

If you like a tasty pot of tea that ticks all the English Breakfast boxes, try this. It's refreshing, it's delicious, it's malty and if you prefer smaller leaves, it's easier to rinse out of the tea pot too! Lovely!!x

Lovely Tea and Great Service

We originally found Tugboat teas on our quest to reduce our plastic consumption - we wanted to move away from teabags when we realised that they contained plastic. We love the English Breakfast and Rooibos teas that you sell and 'normal' tea tastes rubbish now by comparison. We are saving up the bags that the tea comes in to either reuse at a zero waste store to save us carting plastic containers around. Also love the little samples that are included - helps to broaden our horizons a little and always a lovely surprise. Thanks for making tea buying a pleasure.

Handwritten note-so thoughtful!

English Breakfast was great, and the Rooibos is very very good! I really appreciated the sample I was gifted, I'll be back!

Fab tea fab service

A neighbour, BLESS HIM(!), recommended Tugboat Brews and we're really really impressed. So far we've sampled English Breakfast and our free sample of Darjeeling (thank you Tugboat - that was a very nice gesture) and both are gorgeous. We will definitely order fromTugboat again.