Colombian Excelso EP Coffee

100% Speciality Arabica SCA 83.5

Taste Notes : Stonefruit sweetness
Roast : Medium
Process : Washed, Sun-dried, EP
Altitude : 1300 - 1650m
Varietals : Caturra, Typica & Colombia
Region : Antioquia Province

Colombia has been producing great coffee since the early part of the 19th century and their expertise shines through. These beans are grown by smallholder farms, near Medellín in the Antioquia Province. A stunningly sweet, fruity Colombian with bright, citric acidity.

Excelso is a Colombian coffee size grading of the beans, ‘EP’ stands for ‘European Preparation’ which sets a precedent both for the screen size of the bean (typically 15 and above), and the way in which the coffee is hand-sorted. Multiple smallholder farms pick and process their own coffee, using individually-owned wet mills, before drying the washed beans in the sun.

Customer Reviews

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Great beans

Really loving this coffee. Very easy coffee to drink, with no after taste that shouldn't be there. Doesn't make you feel wired, just a really satisfying taste. Trick is getting the grind right, too coarse and it's a bit weak, too fine and it's a bit strong. But get it right, and boy and it's perfect !