Kenya Zawadi Peaberry

100% Single Origin Speciality Arabica SCA 85

Taste Notes : Bright / Sweet Fruits
Roast : Medium
Process : Washed & Sundried
Altitude : 1700 - 1800m
Varietals : SL28 & Ruiru 11
Region : Tatu

Kenya produce some of the world’s most distinctive coffees and this little beauty is a superb, rich, flavourful example. A highly prized Zawadi coffee, purely peaberry beans, grown in the high-altitude plateaus of Kenya. Only a small percentage of coffee beans grown are peaberries and this unique type are created when only one seed inside the berry germinates and grows into a single oval bean, rather than two flat faced sides. Expect an intensely fruity acidity with big flavours of rhubarb and red berry jammy sweetness.

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For some reason my previous review is showing only 1 star. I cannot amend that review, so I am adding this one.

This is a lovely coffee.


I am a bit of a fan of peaberry coffees and this Tugboat offering is very nice, brewed in my Aeropress. I find it to be of a milder roast (no bitterness) with a slightly sweet flavour. For me, it is a lovely, everyday drinker.

Our favorite blend.

We are both coffee drinkers and Kenya Peaberry is our favorite,so pleased we have found Tugboat, item quickly delivered and a little extra sample to try. Will be back for more.

great service

This order was a forward planning, and I have yet to taste the coffee. Delivery wad quick and I was delights to find that my 1kg order comprised 4x250g re-sealable bags. I was wondering how I would keep a 1kg bag of beans fresh no problem!

Love this blend!

I met Jess and Togboat brews back in August in Truro, and having spent about 30 mins smelling some amazing coffees I bought a small pack of the Kenya Peaberry. Suffice to say that I have just ordered 1 kilo and nothing else compares!

I grind this from beans to use in a cafetiere and it is wonderful. Full of flavour and sweetness there is nothing else I will now drink.