Keemun Tea

Very slight smokiness to the cup


    A classic China black loose leaf tea. Full bodied, aromatic tea with a very slight smokiness to the cup. This can be a good morning tea for those that find the Indian teas a tad too strong.


    Brewing the best cup. One teaspoon per cup. Freshly boiling water, brew your tea for 4 minutes, a good rule of thumb is 3-5 minutes for most black teas (depending on your preference for strength) and enjoy with or without milk

  • Keemun is one of the most famous of China's black teas, produced in the Qimen County of the Huangshan City, in Anhui province. The tea undergoes particularly slow withering and oxidation processes, yielding many layers of flavours. Lightly scented with a hint of nuttiness to the taste, it works equally well with or without milk.

  • China Black Tea