Gen Mai Cha Tea

Japanese green tea with toasted rice


      Japanese green tea with toasted rice. Sounds odd, works well. A traditional Japanese recipe combining toasted and partially puffed rice grains with green tea leaves, to produce a tea with a distinctive, sweet and nutty taste.


      Brewing the best cup. Use just one teaspoon per cup. Boiling water is a little fierce for green tea so, for just-off the boil water, simply boil the kettle, let it sit for three to four minutes, then brew your tea, 2+ mins, a little honey or sugar, no milk.

    • Genmaicha ("brown rice tea") is the Japanese name for green tea combined with roasted brown rice. Japan, a country with an ancient tea tradition, only produces green tea, much of which is consumed internally. Japanese green tea boasts a distinctive fresh, green character and appearance. Japanese Green tea is processed differently than the Chinese green teas -- after plucked, it is steamed to neutralize oxidation versus pan-fired.

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