Hibiscus Flowers

Strong, dark berry infusion which works great as a summer iced tea.


    Beautiful dark crimson colour when brewed with a tart pomegranate / cranberry like taste. Superb as an iced tea as well as hot and usually with a little sugar, agave or honey added. Bloomin' Marvellous.



    Brewing the best cup. Use a couple of teaspoons, approx 4 or 5 grams, per cup. Boiling water, then brew your infusion, 5+ mins, a little honey or sugar, without milk.



    Benefits Of Loose Leaf Rooibos

  • Super refreshing, lots of flavour and caffeine free!

    Agua de jamaica - pronounced “Hah-My-Cah” - is a classic Mexican agua fresca recipe made with dried hibiscus flowers.

    Put a litre of water in a pan on the hob, when it comes to the boil add 25  - 35g of hibiscus and four tablespoons of sugar. Give it a good stir, take it off the heat and leave with the lid on to cool. When cold, strain into a pitcher, add ice to serve. You might want to add some lemon or lime juice.

    If you don't drink it all -  freeze in an ice cube tray to enjoy

  • Hibiscus tea is an infusion made from the the dried magenta colored calyces of the lovely Hibiscus sabdariffa flower plant. A 'calyx' (plural 'calyces' or 'calyxes') is the name given to all of a flower's sepals together (sepals are the leaf-like part of the flower that encloses the developing flower bud). Calyces contain very high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants, and have been used in traditional medicine for many years for treating various health issues and for supporting good health.

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Delicious and light, I use a little honey to sweeten it slightly. This has been used for healing, healthy hydration across the globe for centuries and I can see why it's been so popular.

Hooray for hibiscus !!

I've been drinking hibiscus/ rosehip for years... normally through a reputable herbal tea company .. I like to be able to control the strength by doubling up with the bags if I need a more medicinal strength tea.. with these flowers it's much easier to get the desired depth of flavour .. a little of these flowers go a long way and the taste is certainly fresher and more flavourful ,, won't be going back to bags now ... love the ritual of the teapot!!