Pu'erh Aged Tea

Rich, dark amber in the brew


    Rich, dark amber in the brew. This loose leaf pu-erh has been carefully aged to develop a complex earthy, malty flavour. Besides its unique flavour, Pu-Erh is believed to have many medicinal qualities which include aiding in digestion, weight control and lowering cholesterol. Regardless of whether that is true or not, it can certainly be said that it has properties many other teas do not.


    Brewing the best cup. One teaspoon per cup. Freshly boiling water, brew your tea for 4 minutes, uniquely pu-erh tea remains drinkable and enjoyable no matter how long it is steeped so it really is a matter of taste. Enjoy with or without milk

    Most importantly, if you are new to this tea, is to try it first by washing the leaves first. No, not in the sink! Just add your leaves to a cup or pot, add a little boiling water to wet and rinse the leaves, swill around a moment and pour the water off. Now your leaves are ready to make a good brew. Add freshly boiling water and steep, drink and enjoy and top up for multiple infusions.


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Pu Erh

This is an interesting black tea with a reddish tinge. It's a bit reminiscent of leaf mould! But it has a clean, refreshing taste and I like it as a change from other black teas. Well worth a try.

Loveley refreshing brew

This is my morning pick me up.
I love the taste.


I begin my mornings early, like really early. I like to see some night before the dawn. This is a choice, not because I have to, rather because I want to. Accompanying me on my early rises, are three cats, and of course a glass Pu'erh bought from Tugboat. Much like a slow walk in the early Autumn through the woods, the aromas gently bring me to my senses. Mellow, earthy, not bitter and ruby red. The four of us sit on the doorstep watching for the sun rise. They are lost in cleaning, and I am lost in the tea. A most recommended way to wake up.