rCUP Black & Teal 8oz

  • Introducing the rCUP, the first re-usable cup made from recycled coffee cups that is in itself 100% recyclable.

    Designed with practical portability in mind the rCUP won’t leak, ever. It keeps your drink hot or cold and you can pick it up without scalding your hand. You can easily open it and take a sip while you’re on the move with one hand.

  • 100% leak proof

    Well built, robust and long lasting

    Can be opened and closed with one hand. The push open, push close lid gives it a 360 degree drinking, regular cup feel.

    Car cup holder friendly

    We found it keeps coffee a good heat for longer, just over an hour

    Can be picked up even when the contents are very hot

    Super user friendly

    rCUP is BPA free, dishwasher safe, leak proof and designed for a 10+ years lifetime

    It has a height of 133 mm with, and 110 mm without the lid. The diameter at the base is 64 mm and the lid has a diameter of 84 mm, , so it will fit in both your car cup holder and under most coffee machines.

    rCUP is the work of ashortwalk. They are an award-winning design company on the north coast of Cornwall

    You can find out more about ashortwalk here

  • Using

    Push open push close

    The cup is open when the push button is in its down position and closed when raised. As a guide, when you can see the moulded line on the inside of the lid the cup is open.

    To avoid spillages when you put the lid on, don't fill above the marked fill line.

    Hot liquid over 65°C can cause steam pressure to build-up inside a sealed cup. If the push button becomes stiff to operate due to pressure build up, loosen the lid first to relieve the pressure.

    Do not force the push button as liquid could spurt out

    Dishwasher safe (top shelf), easy to clean, the cup is only watertight if the seals and mechanism are kept clean. We suggest that you clean your cup after every use to make sure that nothing is trapped in the seal

    Do not use in the microwave

    If needed you can pop off the push button for better cleaning access.

    Unscrew the plastic lid from the plastic collar. Separate the collar and sleeve from the silicone cup. Put everything in the top shelf of the dishwasher or wash it by hand.

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