Vanilla Tea


    Loose leaf China black tea and vanilla flavours blended together create this delicious brew that is creamy, slightly sweet and sumptuously aromatic. 


    Brewing the best cup. One teaspoon per cup. Boiling water, brew for 4+ mins.



  • China Black Tea, Vanilla Flavouring

Customer Reviews

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Good for special occasions

Some vanilla teas are a bit ice-creamy, which have their virtues, but what I like about this vanilla tea is that it's a wee bit sharper and 'darker' as a blend, with a subtle edge to it - a tad less round than other vanilla teas, and tasting more clearly of unadulterated vanilla. It's a tricky tea flavour though. If, for example, you make it in a pot which has had another flavour in, such as a flowery tea, or if you have certain kinds of nibbles with it, then its subtler tones can be lost. As with David below, sometimes I mix it with another tea, such as Keemun, and also an almond tea, and it works well. Other times it stands well on its own. So it's a great tea for certain moments, and I recommend trying it. Even my 21 year old son liked it, which says something! Try him on Rose Congou and you get the standard-issue 'Yuk'. So there must be something right about it! ;-)

It is a five star hit

We really like this tea. We mix a small amount of sweet vanilla tea in with a pot of Assam. Makes a delicious breakfast tea.

Great teas and great selection

I’m on my second order of black sweet vanilla. Firstly what great service Tugboat offer. The teas turn up in a foil sealed resealable bag to keep the tea fresh. The flavors are amazing and I’ve been lucky enough to receive a free “sample” tea each time I’ve placed an order. The sweet vanilla is black tea with a hint of vanilla. Really refreshing and a little bit different.